City South Presbyterian Church began its life in February 2014 as an urban campus of Living Church (then Creek Road Presbyterian Church). We began our life meeting in the Queensland Theatre Company in South Brisbane, then met for two years in West End. This journey has seen us move from what might be called ‘secular space’ — meeting in Brisbane’s creative precinct, to a converted warehouse, to an older (more conventional) church building. Each of these locations is part of our story and expresses something about our community. We’re a home for creatives, engaged in the life of our city, seeking to reclaim space and break the ‘secular/sacred’ divide in our lives, and connected to the classical traditions of the Christian church through the ages.

We’re not a church that has a big vision to ‘transform the world’ — we do long for God’s kingdom to come, and for God to work through his people (churches) around the world, and in our city, to change and transform people and cultures as his Spirit works to make us more like Jesus. Our job is to work in our patch — collectively, as we gather as an expression of God’s kingdom, and in our homes and households and neighbourhoods as we join together with the work God is doing in the world as the good news of Jesus is proclaimed, while prayerfully longing for God to keep working in the world, and awaiting the return of Jesus to make all things new. We hope that our lives and community might be a taste of this future, as we, together, are transformed through our worship and service of the God we meet in Jesus.

City South Presbyterian Church is a church for the city of Brisbane, located in Annerley, an inner urban suburb on the south side of the Brisbane river. Members of our community come from all over greater Brisbane, from every point of the compass, and our midweek Growth Groups are held in locations on the north side, the west side, the south side, and the east side of Brisbane. Wherever you live, you’re welcome to join us — or we’d encourage you to find a church in your local community that’s committed to this same project of renewal through the Gospel. You can read more about our mission, vision, and values here (PDF).

We’re not special, or unique, or particularly vibrant, or even necessarily a better church than the one down the road. We’re extra ordinary, rather than extraordinary, but if you’re looking for a church home, or a community of people who’ll love you and who’ll encourage you to find the life God created us for in the life (and death), teaching, and example, of Jesus, then we might be a good first step. We’d love to meet you.

Our church community meets in a Churches of Christ building in Annerley. The Church of Christ community attends our Sunday service, while using the building during the week to engage the inner southern suburbs through various ministries.