Our church community isn’t just a ‘Sunday’ thing for us, it keeps existing during the week — even if we’re not gathering as one big group, but we keep official ‘church events’ to a minimum. There’s a bunch of reasons we do this.

First, we don’t see a separation between ‘secular’ and ‘sacred’ — our people are serving God wherever they are, whether in the workplace, where work can be a form of worship, in their families, or in their neighbourhoods. We want members of our church to be good workers, and good friends, and good family members, for the glory of God and out of love for those we’re connected to. We have people in our church family who serve in other Christian ministries, who foster kids, who volunteer in community organisations, who participate in politics, or whose careers are vital parts of working as representatives of God’s kingdom in anticipation of the new creation. We want you to have capacity and energy for this kingdom work, or to jump in and help where that work is happening.

Second, we think the best way for our community to love and serve our neighbours is by being part of the community outside the boundaries of our church — volunteering, serving, getting involved in community groups, playgroups, choirs, craft groups, and sporting teams. If you’re part of our church community, or joining our church, and you’re keen to be involved in groups like this, we’d love to connect you with what’s already going on.

Third, we know modern life is over-scheduled and super busy. We want people in our community to have a good balance of work, rest, and play, and space to practice hospitality and to serve others.

So our mid week scheduling is kept to a minimum.

Growth Groups

Our Growth Groups are where deep relationships are formed, and where we encourage members of our church community to work hard at applying God’s word to their lives — with other members of the body of Christ speaking the truth in love to one another and working towards maturity and love. Growth Groups are where we think the best transformation happens, and a vital part of how we care for one another. They’re the engine rooms of our community.

Growth Groups meet throughout the city, on different nights of the week. They’re a great first step into church if you’re looking for a way to connect with some people who are committed to each other, and committed to working out who Jesus is. You don’t have to have worked this out to be part of a group.

Food pantry

Our partners at the Annerley Church of Christ run a midweek food pantry for vulnerable people from the inner southern suburbs of Brisbane. We love to help out with this where we can, and if you’re interested, we can connect you with the leaders of this program.