We value diversity.

We believe the breadth of God’s love for the world in Jesus is expressed in the inclusion of people from every tribe and tongue and nation.

In our church community this is expressed in the inclusion of people of different ages, genders, ethnicities, backgrounds, sexual orientation, sub-cultures, and marital status.

Whoever you are, you are welcome to come and be part of our community, and to come as you are. You don’t have to believe what we believe, or behave like we behave, to be welcome with us.

We believe all people are welcome to investigate Jesus through his word, and with his people, and all people are invited to find life with him as king and saviour. We believe that to find life in Jesus involves being transformed into his image as we seek to obey him, and imitate him, together. We are not the same people we were before we met Jesus.

We believe that this transformation, that comes after a person puts their faith in Jesus, receives the Holy Spirit, and so has their life and loves reordered around loving God above all else, impacts every area of our being.

As a Presbyterian Church we do teach and uphold a traditional understanding of marriage and sex as God’s good created gifts — marriage as between one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others, and sex as a gift from God to be enjoyed in the context of marriage. We conduct weddings using the rites of the Presbyterian Church of Australia.

We recognise that valuing both inclusion, diversity, and this traditional view feels like a paradox, or tension, but it is a tension that we are committed to navigating as a community in relationships built on listening and love, and a recognition of theological differences.