City South Presbyterian Church is a Presbyterian Church of Queensland congregation.

We are committed to the teaching of Jesus, the good shepherd. We believe that each individual human is made in the image of God and that abuse of a bearer of God’s image treats someone created as a person to be known and loved by the God in whom we live, and breath, and have our being is to desecrate someone God created as sacred.

It’s important for those within our community to know how to respond should our leaders cause harm.

If you have a grievance with a minister or elder in the Presbyterian Church there are procedures to follow under what’s called “The Code” — within that code is a section called “The Code of Discipline” — this is for matters that aren’t criminal, but occur within areas of spiritual leadership or spiritual abuse. If you believe a minister or elder has committed a crime, you should involve the appropriate authorities (call the police).

Presbyterian Churches are governed by local elders (Sessions), by regional bodies (Presbyteries), and by state and national groups (Assemblies). These courts of the church are responsible for different areas of church discipline and accountability for ministers and elders. If you believe your complaint should be taken to a third party (outside the leadership of the local church), the best contact for this is the clerk of the Presbytery. The clerk of our Presbytery, Mowbray, is the Reverend Phil Strong. To avoid spammers harvesting his email address from this page, you can find contact details for the Presbyterian Church of Queensland here.