Nathan Campbell


Nathan is married to Robyn. They have three children who are now in primary school. Both Nathan and Robyn completed theological training at Queensland Theological College. Nathan was the campus pastor of the City South campus when it was planted by Living Church (then Creek Road) in 2014. A journalism graduate, and Public Relations professional in his previous professional life, Nathan occasionally writes for a variety of publications including Soul Tread, Eternity News, Zadok Perspectives, and The Gospel Coalition, but more frequently publishes pieces about the intersection between Christianity and culture on his blog. Nathan enjoys reading, playing soccer, gaming, and cafe hopping with Robyn. Robyn enjoys working on projects that bring out her creative and problem solving sides. She also works part time as a teacher, and a swim school instructor.

Matthew Ventura headshot

Matthew Ventura

Student Minister

Matthew has just finished a two year traineeship with City South, and has now enrolled as a full time student at Queensland Theological College. Before starting his traineeship Matt was on a trajectory towards being a world class bassoonist. He still dabbles in bassoon teaching and performance, and can carve out a top shelf double reed. This isn't even his most interesting feature. Matt is also an expert in backyard rabbit genetics — a skillset that hasn't been as useful since he moved to Queensland, where backyard rabbits are illegal. Matt is much loved by our community for the way he thinks deeply about how to apply the good news about Jesus to both complex ideas and how to live in the real world, and for the way he demonstrates his deep love and care for people who've often felt marginalised by the church. He writes about his own experiences navigating life in the church at his blog.


The word “Presbyterian” comes from the greek word for ‘elder.’ Presbyterian churches are governed by local elders, who form a ‘session,’ and elders from each congregation attend statewide and national courts called Assemblies.

Our Session will be appointed by a congregational meeting in early 2021.

Session meetings are public (unless dealing with particularly sensitive matters), and anybody is welcome to attend and contribute to the discussion to help us make decisions that are shaped by our Mission, Vision, and Values, and that are wise and transparent.

Committee of Management

Our Committee of Management handles issues around finances and facilities. Members of our Committee are appointed by the community at our annual congregational meeting.


These formal structures — including our staff — exist to help us function together as a church community, as the ‘body of Christ.’ We believe each member of the body of Christ has a part to play — and while these people are listed for transparency in case there are issues that need to be raised, the Bible tells us the ‘least visible’ parts of the body who serve in vital ways that imitate Jesus are “worthy of double honour.” Our staff and elders exist to help “train and equip the body of Christ for works of service.”