We’re a newish church community connected to an oldish tradition — the Presbyterian Church — and to an even older tradition tracing its heritage all the way to the time of Jesus — the universal church, that is, all the people everywhere who’ve ever believed that Jesus is Lord and king.

Each Sunday we do things that people who’ve believed the good news of Jesus have done for millennia, but with newish twists. So our time together involves:

  • Singing — Christians have always sung songs to God, to each other, and to the world.
  • Praying — Prayer is where we talk to God, anyone can do it. We do this because God promises that he listens.
  • Sharing stories — We are a community who care about what’s happening in one another’s lives.
  • Saying a Creed together — Christians across a variety of traditions, through history and all over the world, have said words together that express what it is we believe. We do this most weeks.
  • Reading the Bible — We believe the Bible is God’s word. That it’s one story, and that all of it is about Jesus, and so helps us understand him.
  • Listening to God — This starts as a ‘one way’ discussion, where someone will give a talk from a passage of the Bible. But there are opportunities for questions, and to chat about the Bible together after our formal ‘service’ finishes.
  • Sharing communion — Before he was executed Jesus used bread and wine to tell the story of his death; as symbols of his body and blood being given for us. He told his followers to “eat and drink” to remember him. We do this to share in this story, because we’re now in community with God, and with each other because Jesus died for us, and promises that God now lives in us by the Spirit. And that’s pretty amazing.
  • Lunch together — every week we have lunch and coffee together in the church hall. This is an act of hospitality from us to you — members of our church contribute to the cost of this through our giving.

During the week

During the week we catch up in small groups around the city — we have people in our community meeting on the north side (Spring Hill), the south side (Annerley), the west side, and the east side (Carina). These groups are a good way to dip your toe in to church community if you’re wanting to check out what Christians believe, or get to know us.

Here’s more about our approach to life during the week.